Chemo Stories : One woman’s search for strength, grace and trust

Episode 4- What You Think About Before You Start Chemotherapy

September 29, 2020

With one week left to go until her Chemotherapy begins, Tina continues to dive deep into alternative, holistic ways to prepare, including medical qigong and acupuncture.

In this episode, Tina hilariously retells the story of participating in a unique exercise class, which tests the benefits of exercise on women going through Chemo. Let’s just say it involves wearing a mask with a tube on your head and walking on a steeply-inclined treadmill, all while people watch and cheer you on in lab coats.



Paul Fraser Qigong | Medical Qi Gong Teacher & Healer 


MSKCC Integrative Medicine: Exercise & Mind-Body Classes 

Dr. Mao - MSKCC

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